Why All Cyclists Should Take Tumeric Daily –


From boosting memory to alleviating pain and inflammation, turmeric has been shown to help a whole host of health issues. The delicious, brilliant-yellow-colored curry spice deserves a place in your daily diet thanks to its many health-boosting benefits.

Here are three of the many reasons to eat more turmeric:


A root similar to ginger, turmeric contains a potent compound that, not only gives it its signature yellow color, but also its anti-inflammatory properties. In a study published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry researchers found that curcumin improved the healing of tendonitis, which involves inflammation of the tendons that help maintain our structural integrity. That’s great news for anyone suffering from tendonitis, whether from a tennis or golf injury or gardening.


Recent research in the Journal of International Molecular Sciences found that curcumin helps to prevent kidney stones from forming in the urinary tract. It appears to prevent them from crystallizing in the first place. Considering the painful nature of kidney stones, anything that helps prevent their formation should be well-received.


You’ve probably heard of curcumin’s benefits for memory but you might not realize just how quickly it starts working. Research published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology showed that within only one hour after taking a supplement containing one of turmeric’s active ingredients, curcumin, study participants had a significant improvement in memory and attention tasks compared to the placebo group.


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