Can Mindfulness Provide a Detox from Toxic Relationships? –

Can Mindfulness Provide a Detox from Toxic Relationships? -


In general, most people can discern whether or not a relationship with someone is far from being an asset to their existence. However, it is more challenging to spot toxic relationships. These social links can destroy all attempts of attaining a healthy lifestyle and mindful state of consciousness. They can be stressful and research has shown that toxic relationships have a direct effect and can be the cause of a person’s decline in health.

Mindfulness is more than exercises and activities; it is a lifestyle. Below are some ways in which to mindfully detox yourself from unhealthy relationships.

Remember, it’s your choice

You can either feel miserable, accept the relationship for what it is, leave the relationship, or create boundaries. You must realize that you cannot change people, but you may be able to change the dynamic of the relationship. You have to make a choice, or else you will harbor negativity that can biologically damage you and even those around you.

Evolve in mindfulness

Deal with yourself and stay in regular mindfulness meditation. It will allow peace to enter your life. The only place for change is in the present moment. By not languishing in the memories of the past or becoming anxious with thoughts of future events that have yet to present themselves, you place yourself in the present moment. Here, you can see yourself and your relationship for what it is indeed and move from there — a place of peaceful, realistic perception.

Seek guidance

You may be able to find a mindfulness-based counselor, with whom you can talk to and receive therapy. The objectivity of the therapist will help you develop the necessary tools to handle your specific issue.

Sculpt and build your circle

The more mindfulness you bring into your life, the more clarity you will have to decide whether to stay or leave the relationship. If you remain connected to a toxic individual, understand what you are accepting and choose to define healthy boundaries for the relationship. Build a new social edifice — a circle of people who have a positive influence in your life. Surround yourself with energy that is constructive and will allow you to be the best person you can be.


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